This just released - Costco vs. the seal hunt

Apparently, in protest of the seal hunt, Costco has pulled seal oil capsules from the shelves of all its Canadian stores.

From what I've read, a lot of people are ticked off (although I'm sure there are some that are tickled pink, like Sir Paul & "Lady" McCartney). Here's a VOCM article about Costco's decision, and the province of Newfoundland and Labrador's reaction. I expect to hear more about this on the evening news.

Nancy Burden's blog has Costco Canada's contact information, if you're the letter-writing/emailing/phoning type.

April 1st update: PETA spokeswoman Pamela Anderson (in Halifax to host the Juno Awards) admitted in her press conference that she's never spoken to anyone involved in the sealing industry, but says she 'knows people who have.' She's also sure that there aren't any young people in Canada who support the seal hunt. GAH!!! It pisses me off when celebrities spout blanket statements like that, especially when they've never talked to people on the 'other side'!
If you'd like an interesting read, check out this letter about the history of Newfoundland and Labrador sealing industry, sent to Larry King, The McCartneys, and Danny Williams. Also watch the Canadian National Film Board's documentary, My Ancestors Were Rogues and Murderers.


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  2. Fresh from receiving an honorary doctor of letters degree at Harvard University, Anderson has weighed in on the seal hunt debate calling sealers "jerks". Anderson, who is hosting the Juno awards in Halifax this year will be given a thesaurus and instructions on its use prior to going on stage. In a related story, members of the Peta organization called a press conference this afternoon in Halifax to protest the actions of the Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. A Peta spokesperson claims that the Academy has seized all their cue cards. The spokesperson went on to say "How will Anderson be able to tell the world what she believes if we are not there to remind her."

  3. lol! Should be an interesting show...

    I think the seal hunt is like any other type of hunt, be it cattle, chicken, pig, etc. No killing is pretty. But seals are cute, and pristine white ice flows make a much better photo-op - really shows off the blood nicely.

    I wish that celebrities would get their facts straight on this issue - I've heard so many 'statistics' lately (repeated, of course, by the uninformed masses on myspace blogs).

    No matter what someone's stance on an issue is, I'll respect them if they have sought independent evidence, listened to both sides, and made an informed decision, instead of merely believing what was handed to them on a fact sheet. I saw the press conference with Pamela Anderson yesterday, and she admitted that she's never spoken with anyone involved in the sealing industry, although she "knows people who have". Yet she's an international spokesperson rallying against the seal hunt! I don't think the McCartneys had spoken to sealers either, and that frustrates me. I'm sure the people who do this for a living would welcome the chance to be heard.


  5. Lots of interesting links there, nl-expatriate, on all sides of the issue (as you also listed in the comments to the post above).

    Perhaps I'm not clear though; do you have a particular comment about them?