Cadbury chocolate goes fairtrade

Cadbury to use fairtrade chocolate in its Dairy Milk chocolate bars

Impressive! Plus, Cadbury plans to convert its other chocolate products to fairtrade as soon as they can. It's nice to see such a large company supporting fairtrade farming!

The Barenaked Ladies: Page-less

If you're curious to see how The Barenaked Ladies sound without Steven Page, check out this free download: Live at Universal Studios from This will only be available until March 27th!

Thanks to Simply Frugal in Canada for the link!

New blog

Hello folks!

Just a heads up to those of you with kids - I've been in the Mommy mode for a while, and I've started a new blog called Painting Pink Pajamas to share some of our favourite toddler books, music, recipes and activities.

I'll still be posting here as well, but I'll keep most of the child-specific posts there.

If I were a Superhero...

...this would be me:

Visit The Hero Factory to make your own Superhero, then send me a link so I can see too!

Thanks to Reflections and Ramblings of a Not-So-Superwoman for the link!