Babies, billboards & dolphins

Oh my, things have been busy here lately! Work has been crazy, with lots of projects and deadlines looming. The computer's starting to get to me a bit, so I tried to have a computer-free weekend (which didn't work entirely, but mostly!). At home, we're in the middle of a spring cleaning/decorating/fix-it-up phase, and there's been a lot of family news, the happiest of which is that we have a niece! Little Kathryn (Kate) was born on Saturday. After 4 grandsons, my in-laws are tickled pink (literally) to have a granddaughter!

I've been a bit out of the loop news-wise, but I saw this photoshopped billboard (I love it!!) and some articles about it. The blogger who photoshopped the picture was sent a cease-and-desist letter by a group called Exodus International who promotes heterosexuality and has erected billboards with the message "Gay? Unhappy?". The American Civil Liberties Union backed up the blogger in his battle, arguing that he has a legal right to parody the billboard, and Exodus backed down.

And just because this is hilarious and makes me laugh (and we all need that on Mondays!). Listen to the lyrics!

... dolphin song ...

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