Interesting tidbits...

  • For those of you who live in the U.S., check out In2TV to watch free episodes of cancelled TV shows. They have Growing Pains, Pinky & the Brain, Babylon 5, V, La Femme Nikita, Lois & Clark, Perfect Strangers... I just wish it would work in Canada! "Only licensed for viewing in the United States"
  • While we're on the topic of TV, my new time-waster is YouTube. While I was out of town last week, I spent a couple of hours one evening searching for and watching old clips of TV shows and figure skating (yes, yes, I know - Geek! But I have a thing for Kurt Browning, who, incidentally, I get to see perform tonight - yay!!!).
  • Check out Scott Berkun's "Scolidays". He decided to make up his own holidays, and came up with some pretty neat ones. My favourites:
    1/29 - Letter writing day. Pick 5 people you have something you want to say to and write them letters. Could be a friend you haven’t spoken to in too long, a family member you haven’t seen in awhile, an author who wrote a book that moved you or to an organization that you’re glad exists (The YMCA, the local pub, whatever matters to you).

    3/15 - Ides of March. You must speak in Shakespearean English, preferably quoting from the play Julius Caesear as often as possible.

    6/3 - The day of fear. Pick something that you’re afraid of, trivial or signifigant, and go and do it. Might include calling a radio talk show, public speaking, getting onstage at an open mike night, handling snakes, telling someone how really feel about them, whatever. You can pick a fear buddy: you help them with theirs, they help you with yours.

    11/4 - Day of hedonistic glory. All bounds are removed. Eat what you like. Sleep late. Watch movies, really bad movies all day. Laugh as you drive past the gym, with Big Mac, Big Gulp, and Toblorone in hand. All the things you’ve wished you could do should be done: but today only.
  • reports that the courts have upheld a ban on the sale of sex toys in Mississippi. "In other words, it remains a crime for responsible adults to sell vibrators to other adults there, but a gun? No prob!"
Note: I had to change the Technorati tags below. Apparently the "sex laws" tag also falls under the "sex" tag, and my blog is showing up with the porn blogs. (What a disappointment, huh? lol) Anyways, people have been visiting this blog after searching for "sex" on technorati, and clicking on my photo. Ewwww.....

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