Educating Americans about Canada

Canadians are used to Americans being misinformed about Canada. Generally we roll our eyes or laugh, but who hasn't been frustrated by hearing pundits on CNN and Fox news spread the myths and stereotypes?

Yesterday the Globe and Mail published a story about educating Americans about Canada, which has spawned a lot of dialogue, and shows prejudices on both sides of the border.

The Canadian embassy in Washington has created a website called Connect2Canada for people with a Canadian connection living in the United States to form an online community. The website contains helpful and practical information about Visas, passports, voting, travel and events. The site also links to a government Myth Buster website to clarify some of the myths surrounding Canada's role in September 11th, the 2003 blackout, and mad cow disease.

The Myth Buster site is a great idea, in my opinion. All countries and provinces should have something like it on their government websites. I'm sure there are stereotypes that Canadians believe about Americans that frustrate them. Within Canada, I'm sure the same is true for many provinces - particularly Quebec and Newfoundland - and the territories.

The only trick is getting people to read it.

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  1. Each region has stereotypes that define us. the Province of Sask's homepage should have at the top:
    "We're not flat, only our plains are."