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  • A great blog on marketing that I stumbled across today.

  • A messy desk messes with your career. I'm trying my best to organize my office. Even before reading this article, we bought another filing cabinet and created a shiny new filing system. Next step: tackling all of my little piles of paper...

  • Make better movies. I totally agree.

  • Humorous... Speech (I wish I could get the embedded YouTube player to work for this one! Click on the link)

  • Download free MP3 stories, lectures, poems and speeches, and Learn Out Loud while you drive, excercise or do housework

  • Logic Puzzles. I loved these as a child, and recently started doing them again. I remember my grade... 4 teacher, I think it was, would give us one of these to work on at least once a week. I had another teacher who would put a few brain teasers on the blackboard every morning to start our day. Ahh.. memories...

In the ongoing (weirder and weirder) investigation into the murders of a Canadian couple staying at a resort in Mexico... Ontario police are examining a knife which may have a connection to the murders.
Three days after the Ianiero murders, a 12-year-old American girl vacationing with her family found the knife in her knapsack.

"My understanding is [the knife] was found in a bag in a resort some distance away from where the Ianieros were actually murdered," York Police Chief Armand LaBarge told CBC News.

The Duluth, Minn., family brought it back to the United States and the girl's father, a police officer, turned it over to police in nearby Thunder Bay, Ont.

What I want to know is: who the hell finds a knife stuffed in their backpack while on vacation, and then brings it home?! That is not a souvenir, people!!

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  1. I think it's more interesting that the girl's father then brought the knife across the border (!!) to bring it to the police in Thunder Bay!

  2. Cute pic. ;)

    True - border security is obviously an issue, although I wonder if he contacted the police and had them meet him at the border..

    But seriously, bringing home a knife from a foreign country that doesn't belong to anyone in your family, that you found in a backpack one day? That strikes me as very strange. Not that I'm accusing them, I just think it's a royally dumb thing to do. :P

    But perhaps the story was misinterpreted, and they found the knife after they got home.