Well, the Celebration on Ice figure skating show last night was great, and I had an awesome seat, but I was really disappointed that Kurt Browning wasn't there. He's my favourite skater, and the main reason I asked for the ticket for my birthday (those things are expensive!).

The show's website lists him as a cast member, and doesn't mention anything about him not being scheduled for certain shows, and the radio stations here in Fredericton have been advertising the show with him. In an Internet search this morning though, I read that he actually wasn't scheduled for the Fredericton and Bathurst shows, because he's at Worlds doing commentary (and Thursday he'll be inducted into the World Figure Skating Hall of Fame - yay!). Would have been nice if the show's website had that information though - I've been looking forward to seeing Kurt perform for months! :(

But the other skaters were still great.

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