Another interesting twist...

Many people have thought for a while now that fishy things were happening (or not happening) in the Ianiero murder investigation. It seemed strange that the resort tried to keep things so quiet, even going so far as mopping up the victims' blood and cutting the grass outside their hotel room the morning after the murder. There was the fact that the Mexican authorities seemed so sure that the prime suspects were two Canadian women from Thunder Bay. Then there was the whole story about a young girl finding a knife in her backpack a few resorts away, and bringing it home to the U.S. with her.

The latest news is that local authorities are looking for a former Mexican soldier in connection with the murder; a man who coincidentally worked at the resort, and went missing a day after the Ianieros were murdered. Frankly, that seems like a no-brainer, so hopefully they've been looking for him for a while, not just now, 5 months after the murders.

Weirder still... Quintano Roo Attorney General Bello Melchor Rodriguez "told the Star that he and the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation had launched an investigation to find the suspect, who was believed to be in the United States. However, an FBI spokesman told the Star that he was unaware of any such probe."

On popular culture...

And in the category of "What the hell was he thinking?!"...

During the G-8 Summit, George Bush somehow got it in his head that it would be a good idea to give German Chancellor Angela Merkel a quick neck massage as he walked behind her chair.

She didn't seem too happy about it.

Here's Jon Stewart's take on the incident.

Also, Saskboy has a creepy picture showing what it would look like if Bush gave a similar neck massage to Stephen Harper. Ewwwww.....

Someone's mad...

The mind really DOES boggle!

Helmut has posted some interesting links recently:

First up: Naughty America. It's like The Sims! But with sex!

And if you have a lot of time to spend browsing YouTube, check out Pitchfork's list of 100 awesome music videos.

Also, for your G-rated viewing pleasure, Apartment Girl posted a link to a blog with ooodles of Sesame Street video clips! "Heeeeeeeeere fishy fishy fishy!!!"


For those stressful days, take comfort in the fact that Hallmark's Screaming Banshee understands how you feel! (via Man Eegee)

Saskboy alerts us to the fact that Microsoft has ended support for Windows 98 and Windows ME. This means no more security updates, so upgrade to a newer version of Windows (or Linux, or buy a Mac) to protect your computer.

Disney is cool again. Sadly, I suspect that even so, I, with my large collection of Disney movies, am not. ;) My in-laws are spending the winter in Florida, and Hubby and I may go for a visit, depending on what's going on around here. I don't think I can go to Florida without visiting Disney World again though - I loved it so much the first time!

Canadian shorts

No, I don't mean shorts as in clothing, although I'm really wishing I wore shorts today - it's soooo humid!!

BoingBoing recently posted a link to the National Film Board, which is showing some of its classic short films online. My personal favourite: The Sweater. Too bad they don't have The Logdriver though; I used to love that one when I was little!

For he goes whirling down and down the white water
That's where the Logdriver learns to step lightly
Yes whirling down and down the white water
Logdriver's waltz pleases girls completely

Wedding Season

The weddings, weddings, oh, the weddings!!

Yes, summer is definitely here. I've been on vacation for the past little while, and things have been crazy-busy since I've been back. Everyone seems to be getting married, so my time is filled with weddings, showers, receptions and visitors. A high school friend got married, some friends who got married in Mexico are having a reception this weekend, and my brother got married! Add to that the fact that we've had houseguests almost every weekend that we've been home, and that makes me and Hubby one very tired couple! But the happy occasions are worth the lack of sleep. :)

Congratulations big brother!!