In the headlines

Belugas in Newfoundland! Wish I could have seen them! I used to occasionally see whales in the Torbay, NL harbour, but I've only ever seen a beluga at the Vancouver aquarium.

In other news, pandemic potential of this swine flu is scary! Today there have been 4 cases confirmed in Nova Scotia.

I'll admit, I've been avoiding too much news these days; most of it is just depressing, and I've preferred to spend lots of time outdoors with my gal, enjoying spring. I can live in my own little bubble for a little while, can't I?

Petition supporting the CBC

Received this today. I have my doubts about online petitions, but I value the CBC, so I signed, and plan to write some letters.

In just 6 days, over 100,000 of us have come together and signed the petition to Save the CBC and Radio Canada from deeply damaging budget cuts - one of the largest online petitions in Canadian history!

The CBC is vital for Canadian art, culture and identity. These cuts have been forced on it for no good reason - the CBC has asked the government for sensible bridge financing - borrowing against their funding next year to spread the cuts out and make sure vital assets aren't damaged this year. The government has refused because, as we know from numerous past statements from Prime Minister Harper, they have an ideological agenda of opposition to a public broadcaster. They'd like to see the CBC privatized and sold off. With the CBC already forced to get half of its revenue from advertizing (compelling it to carry expensive American TV shows) that process is well underway. Even while the CBC survives in name, it's public character and mission are under attack.

With enough of a public outcry, we can reverse the government's decision. But even if we don't, a powerful statement is being made, to this government and future ones, that Canadians want the CBC and Radio Canada to survive as public service broadcasters. If enough of us act together now, they'll think twice the next time they look to undermine the CBC, and together we'll form a voice that can empower our national broadcasters to fully return to their precious public service mission.

With hope and determination,

Ricken, Lisa-Marie, Laryn and the Avaaz Canada team

PS - the best group providing information and opportunities to get more deeply involved in this issue is Friends of Canadian Broadcasting.

CBC, according to Stephen Harper... Mouth of Gold from Friends of Canadian Broadcasting on Vimeo.