Did you lose your muffler, or do you just want some attention?

Thank Goodness! Fredericton police officers are going to crack down on noise pollution caused by people with obnoxiously loud vehicles. You know the ones - they're louder than an ambulance siren, you can hear them coming long before you see them, and the noise cuts off all conversation for couple of minutes.

I've never understood why people want their cars to sound so loud. Is it a testosterone thing? A grab for attention? I'd be embarassed if my muffler was falling off, so why do people actually spend money to make their cars sound like that? Maybe for some, it's a desperate plea: "look at my car, I'm really cool", but I have to laugh and feel embarassed for them when the car isn't even impressive. Often, they seem to be marginally souped up Civics or something like a Neon or a Protege with sad little flames painted on the doors. This weekend, I actually saw a black VW Beetle with orange flames on it.

While I'm glad that the police are going to start ticketing the owners of those cars, I have to wonder how effective the crackdown will be, given that the Motor Vehicle Act doesn't specify a set decibel limit; just 'excessive' or 'unusual' car exhaust noise. Nevertheless, the fine isn't small - $168 will put a dent in most people's wallets.

The evil side of me wants to be there to see a few people being ticketed for their noisy vehicles. :D

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  1. I'm looking forward to the crackdown in Regina too, it was announced the other week. I think a thought process or two is missing in twerps who modify their vehicles like that.