Halifax school board wants to know all teachers' sexual orientation

Outrageous. The Halifax Regional School Board apparently wants to understand the diversity of its workforce, and it plans to ask teachers to list their sexual orientation in an upcoming survey.

"The survey, which will be distributed Thursday, contains the question, "Are you heterosexual, bisexual, gay or lesbian?"

The school board expects its teachers to sign the survey once it's completed. However, respondents have the option of refusing to answer some questions."

Board spokeswoman Shaune MacKinlay says: "We understand that there could be some reluctance on some people's part to do this."

No, really?! This coming just weeks after the same school board was ordered by the Human Rights Board to apologize to a teacher who was discriminated against by her principal, another teacher, and the school board after she was labelled a lesbian.

The school board has refused to collect the information anonymously.

Sexual orientation is none of the school board's business. I hope no one answers that question on the survey.

Update: The Nova Scotia Teacher's union has told teachers to consider not filling out several sections of the survey.

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  1. Gee, not that this school board has ever made any teachers regret being open about their sexuality...

    This would be a highly questionable move in any working environment - in a schoolboard so recently and publicy spanked by the courts for failing it's most basic responsibilities to fairness in the Willow case it's mind boggling.

    Aren't the teacher and principal so heavily criticized for their bigotry and irresponsibility in the Lindsay Willow case still employed by the board? Even while Willow herself has had faith in the entire education system shattered. The Halifax board appears clueless as to how little credibility they have at this moment.

    Perhaps the board's next move will be special pink triangle badges required for gay teachers, to help them 'avoid discrimination'. In the finest tradition of our national media and Prime Minister I would suggest they've 'shown themselves capable of such a move'.

  2. I agree. This is a horrible question to ask, ESPECIALLY given that they will not accept anonymous answers. Besides, there is absolutely no reason that they need to collect this information, unless they plan on sexually profiling their teachers... great idea, guys.

  3. Unbelievable. That sure feels like a blatant invasion of ones privacy. No?

    Plus, instead of creating a more equitable working environment, they board is placing more unfair labels on their educators.


  4. That's incredible! I can't imagine any employer would think it okay to ask such a question.