The Pandog

Because it's soooo cute.

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  1. I'm sorry... I live under a rock. Is that an actual dog??? If it is, wow... so cute! I wonder how cute they are when they grow up... ;-)

  2. I read that someone dyed and clipped the dog's fur to make him look like a panda (must be a real panda fan to go to all that trouble!).

    I found it on Cute Overload. (Warning: you really may overload from the cute pictures on this site!)

  3. Now that we're getting a dog, and it's going to be admittedly a small and cute one, I'm becoming increasingly alarmed at what I see some people do to their dogs.

    This is probably about and 8 out of 10. Some of the people who dress their dogs up in bizarre outfits freak me out.

  4. Ohh... and here I thought this was a breed of dog I hadn't heard of! Guess I'm not as much of a rock-dweller as I thought.

    I agree that people go way to crazy with their dogs... the things they do. I think a mutt from the pound is just as cute as any breed!

    Sky, I love Cute Overload. It's blogrolled (as are you, incidentally). I consider it a guilty pleasure. ;-)

  5. erin > awww, shucks.. :)

    towniebastard > I know, who buys those clothes?! Oh wait.. Paris Hilton. :P

  6. TOO cute! I have to look at the site now.

    I've also seen weird things done to little dogs, being dress, wearing sunglasses and pushed in a stroller, by an old chineese couple. The baby threw me off though. I'll have to get a picture next time.

  7. The stroller thing is going a bit too far. I know some people say that their pets are their 'furry babies', but sheesh...