Stephen Harper's Theme Song

Oh goodness....

The paranoia is just... sad.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper says the national media are biased against him so he will avoid them from now on. (Canadian Press)

My personal choice for Stephen Harper's theme song:

They're Coming To Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa!

music clip on / lyrics)

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  1. My Theme Song for Stephen Harper is Stars and Strips by KMFDM. a little heavy but lyrics very fitting

    (lyrics at bottom of page)

  2. LOL I love it.

    Really not living up to expectations is he. At least not in the East.

    Whats new, MouseLand same old same old.

  3. shawn > I hadn't heard that song before - interesting lyrics!

    nl-expatriate > definitely not living up to expectations. I wonder how many people who rode the bandwagon are regretting their choice?..