Emergencies, and Superman to the rescue!

Can you swim? This Google Maps hack shows you the floodline of your city/province/state/country if the water level were to rise between 1 and 14 metres.

On a related note, even if you missed Emergency Preparedness Week, there's a lot of great information on the website. Learn how to make your family safe and self-sufficient for at least 72 hours following an emergency. (via Saskboy - who reported on this in a timely fashion!)

While we're on the subject of the environment and emergencies, check out these hilarious advertisements from Singapore, entitled "Atmospheric Pollution Affects Everyone" (click the link to see more ads).

An essay about the essential wrong-ness (I don't care if that's not a word) of manly cookie jars

"There's tons of inappropriate merchandising and tie-ins out there, but it's the ones that bring together tough guys and pussy-ish items that are my favorites. And ironically, as much as cookies kick ass, they just aren't 'tough'. I don't care how huge you are, or how deep your voice is-- you can't intimidate me saying, 'Gimme another snickerdoodle.' "

Vintage public domain cartoons to brighten your day, courtsey of Bibi's Box:
(via Drawn.ca)

And..... a little song to make you smile. (via Patrick C.)
Bright Eyes - The First Day of My Life

Link (in case the player doesn't work for you)

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