Bush as a role model

Some comparisons, in light of the ongoing battle between Stephen Harper and the media:

Excerpts from The PM is Copying Bush's Media Tactics by Linda McQuaig

"Despite being the longest-serving member of the White House press corps, Helen Thomas almost never gets to ask George Bush a question.

That's because Bush controls who asks the questions and he doesn't like the kind of tough, doubting questions that she asks. Given a rare chance recently, she pointedly asked him: If the Iraq war wasn't about oil, what was it about?

Harper now accuses Ottawa reporters of taking on the role of opposition. In fact, they have simply been asking questions, including questions the Prime Minister might prefer not to answer. This is essential. Although elected with a weak minority, Harper is taking the country in some radical directions. Who will hold him to account? The Liberals are leaderless and the NDP seem more focused on stealing ground from the Liberals than challenging Harper.

What this country needs is a whole press gallery full of doubting Helen Thomases."

Via Politique Canadienne

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