Living in a "nanny-state"

The blog Crawl Across The Ocean has an excellent post about right wing people who complain that they are living in a "nanny-state". For fun, Declan has converted some of the arguments against government action to reduce greenhouse gasses into conversations between a nanny and a child (or a parent and a child).

It's quite funny. Check out the post, "Getting Climate Change Appeasers to Eat Their Vegetables".

As a teaser, here are a few 'conversations'...

"I support reducing emissions, I just don't like the Kyoto Accord"

"Mommy, I support eating vegetables, it's just these ones on my plate I wont eat"
"Did you have some other vegetable in mind that I could serve and you would eat?"

"Emissions went up while the Liberals were in power so none of their programs worked so we should cancel them all"

"Mom, I don't think the central heating is working"
"Why not?"
"Well, I turned it on hours ago and it's still not as hot as it was back in the summer"
"Huh, I'll go check the furnace"

And my personal favourite:

Instead of mandatory emissions targets, we should consider voluntary targets as an alternative.

"Eat those vegetables kiddo!"
"But I don't wanna!"
"Well, you have to, unless you have a better idea"
"I know, how about instead of you making me eat my vegetables, you set a target for how many vegetables you want me to eat"
"And then?"
"And then I ignore your target and do whatever I feel like. It will be a system of voluntary vegetable consumption targets"
"OK, kiddo, sounds good. I set a target of 10 carrots for you to eat"
"That's seems like a reasonable target, nanny, but I don't feel like it today. Can I go out and play now?"
"OK kiddo, but put some sunscreen on, it's hot out there!".

Some of the best 'conversations' are in the post though - check it out!

(via Accidental Deliberations)

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  1. Those are awesome!