'The Birds'...

So far a couple of people (townie bastard & hpatey) have commented on RJ's post about the spring blogging lull. Well, I guess I fall into the group of people who haven't been updating their blogs frequently (or at least with substantial content ;). I have reasons - I'm writing a big report for work, I'm trying to have relatively computer-free weekends, and hell, it has been sunny out! All in all, I haven't had much interesting to report, and I haven't been browsing the web as much as I normally do.

This morning was eventful though. Last week we had a robin try, on a couple of occasions, to build a nest under our deck. Now, I like birds, but having birds regularly flying a few feet away from the sliding doors under our deck is not my idea of fun. I don't want to be under attack every time I go outside. So hubby & I went out twice to brush away the grass that the robin had started to collect. As an added deterrent, we put a radio tuned to the CBC on the deck, which seemed to have scared the bird away.

Until this morning.

It's like that Fred penner song, but for birds instead of cats: "The [bird] came back, he just couldn't stay awaaaaaay." And this time the Mommy bird brought a Daddy bird, and they got a good start on the nest before we noticed it (note: it was not completed, and there were definitely no eggs or baby birdies in it). So in the pouring rain, we went to check it out and remove it, praying that the birds wouldn't try to attack us. We must be great entertainment for our neighbors, all suited up in rain gear and sunglasses, rooting around under the deck and anxiously looking up into the sky for birds coming to peck our eyes out.

Feel evil.

Am going to have scary bird dreams for weeks.

Ahhh! Hubby just came in - the robin's back!! Anyone know how to keeps birds away?


  1. Lately, I've been feeling pushed away from my computer in my non-work hours and my blog has surely suffered. And I'm pretty sure the warm sunny days we've been having (at least here in central) aren't helping.

    I mean, who wants to research a post when you can be out exploring the world?