My main Internet browser is Firefox, and I haven't looked at my blog using Internet Explorer in a long time. I happened to tonight though, and noticed a bunch of formatting oddities that don't show up in Firefox on an 600x800 screen. So I humbly apologize to you, dear readers, for weird indents, and for the sidebar being alllllll the way down the side of the page.


  1. I just checked out my blog in Exploder too. You're right, everything is cockeyed, or in my case centered. How Horrible, considering all the time I spent tweaking the code to make it look they way I wanted to. Any idea how to fix the view in Exploder for those poor souls who haven't seen the light yet?

  2. I know, how frustrating! (damn IE...)

    IE seems to read coding differently than other browsers, so I'm not entirely sure...

    In my case, to get the sidebar back to the side instead of below, I had to play with the values of my template. Right now, the content width is 710px, the main width is 490px, and the sidebar width is 180px.

    This seems to fix the problem in IE. I've viewed it on several different computers, and it looks alright now.