What's a favicon?

A favicon is an icon that shows up in the address bar of your web browser, just before the "http://", and next to the website's listing in your bookmarks (Using Firefox? Mine's a big blue dot). If you're using the Firefox browser, I'm sure you've seen them on a lot of websites. Note: While technically favicons should work in Internet Explorer, I can't see anyone's except mine.

Lifehacker has a link to a tool for creating a favicon from any picture (oh, and instructions on how to get it to show up). It's a simple way to customize your website's bookmark and address bar (really simple - if you update your own website or blog, you can handle it). Just find a picture you like, that will look good reeeeeally small.


On an entirely unrelated note, spring is definitely here. Now while the impending arrival of spring and all of its sunshine has excited me for a while, now I remember the bad part about spring in our house: spiders.

I have become a shoe-wielding maniac.

Sometimes I miss our fourth floor apartment.

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  1. Now,that's a neat new procrastination tool! Unfortunately it won't run in the new version of firefox

  2. Ohhhh... that's too bad! :(

    I have Hopefully favicons will work in 2.0 when it's released - it's one of my favourite features of Firefox.