"There will have to be constitutional changes," Harper says

Oh dear God...

Will somebody - the Liberals, NDP, Green - somebody! create a party stable enough to bring down the Conservative government, before Stephen Harper starts messing with the constitution?! I shudder to think of the changes he would like to make to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms...
CBC article

Food for thought: a quote from Stephen Harper's acceptance speech:

"The West has wanted in, the West is in - now Canada will work for all of us!"
I grew up in Alberta. I like it there, and I don't buy into the stereotypes. But does that sound like a man who is focused on creating a fair and balanced government?! That's a scary statement to make in an acceptance speech.

The recent media restrictions and the fact that the Conservatives have stopped funding the One Tonne Challenge really worries me...

Edited for language - my mother might see this! ;)

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  1. Good point even if you are afraid of your mother. For a laugh see my post "The Throne Speech. An open letter to Stephen Harper" publish March 27th, on my blog, hladdie.blogspot.com

  2. i cannot believe he wants to tamper with the constitution. i really really really hope that layton will work with the liberals for the sake of saving canada from social conservatism. my heart is breaking right now which means harper has been a success. harper has effectively put the ball in quebec's hands. i fear the canada we know and love... is dead.

  3. Love the graphic.

    I'm just sick over what "changes" Harper and his cronies have in mind. Ugh.