My thoughts on the Juno awards

  • Where were all the awards? Presenting just 7 out of 39 on the show is pathetic.
  • Where were all the women? Besides Pamela, Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas, and Feist from Broken Social Scene, none of the performers were women, and few of the nominees were. At least some of the presenters were.
  • Why the hell was Coldplay's British frontman inducting Bryan Adams into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame?! Having Coldplay perform, okay, fine, but they should have chosen a Canadian artist to do the induction.
  • Loved it when Pamela got booed - twice - for using the Junos as a soapbox against the seal hunt. Also loved Jann Arden quipping that her bra was made out of seal eyelids, and seeing the camera pan to Rex Goudie, jumping in the stands.
Speaking of the seal hunt... (yeah, yeah, I know, I'll shut up about it soon) ...I stumbled across a blog with some interesting comments:
No one cares about poor old Jim, who has to go to the ice or see his family starve. No one thinks about this: Yes, sealing is gross and unpretty, yes it is horriffic and ugly, but NOBODY actually does this for FUN. No one says to themselves, "yanno, Jim, 'by. I think i haven't had nearly enough near-death encounters this past little while. I think i should go to the ice, you know, see what's up. Get a few kicks".

It irks me that people who have no concept of the historical significance of the hunt, or the economic importance of this hunt not to the shipowners (who could do without) but to the poor sealers themselves who have to do this or else face emmigration to Alberta, where we're raping the shit out of the environment for the sake of oil --- but that's a whole nother story.
Food for thought.

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  1. What the hell's wrong with Alberta? We have plenty of jobs here, so if the sealing doesn't work out, come on over...I'll bake a cake.

    Maybe if the people opposing the seal hunt (and I can kinda see where they're coming from, but I'm equally grossed out by the way cows are slaughtered and I still eat my hamburger...) weren't represented by such awesome celebrities like Brigitte Bardot and Pam Anderson, I'd take them more seriously.