Instructional videos from the Japanese

So many handy tips!

These are strange but useful little videos, brought to my attention by Lifehacker. No need to know how to speak Japanese, the instructions in the videos are quite clear.

There are a bunch more on YouTube (some with intriguing titles!), but I haven't had a chance to check them out yet.

Ahh, the weird and wonderful things we learn on the Internet...

Something else I learned today (from the videos): question marks and exclamation points are used in Japanese writing. Who knew?

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  2. SkylarKD, I wrote about your blog entry on my site, those are neat videos.
    Unless you know Crazy Stallion, I'd delete their comment since they are a link spammer.

  3. Damn spammers... I've had to turn on comment moderation and word verification to try to stop them! I didn't think I get that many real visitors, but the spammers sure like it here! :P