Help a U.S. teacher teach her students about Canada

This is such a fantastic idea!

A Seattle area teacher is preparing a lesson plan for a unit about Canada, and she wants you to tell her about your community. More information in the link above. Found via Saskboy.

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  2. I've never used trackbacks before. Want to give me a tutorial? :) I've had a website for years, but I'm pretty new to this blogging thing.

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  3. I'll post it here so the world can learn.
    If you write something that is about another blog entry, you can ofen trackback to it, so that visitors to the original blog also see your site wrote about it.
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  4. Your trackback worked, it's just that in WordPress the Trackbacks are lumped in with the comments, although other systems show them seperately. If I ever switch systems, then it'll put your trackback in the seperate space.