Rick Mercer's take on the 'flag flap'

Rick Mercer has posted a thoughtful entry on his blog about lowering the Peace Tower flag to honour Canadian soldiers killed in service.

Read it.

He comments on the official protocol for lowering the flag, which is:

…the flag on the Peace Tower of the Parliament Building at Ottawa is flown at half-mast:
on the death of a Lieutenant Governor;
on the death of a Canadian Privy Councillor, a Senator, or a Member of the House of Commons;
on the death of a person whom it is desired to honour.
His comments bring to mind a comment that I read recently. I believe it was on either the CBC or CTV News website comments, but I can't remember which. The comment was very short, very simple, and very powerful. It essentially said this:

If we lower the flag on the Peace Tower to honour every unelected Senator who passes away, why are we not lowering the flag for our soldiers who die in battle, serving their country?

Food for thought.

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