'Hotter Than Hell'

Recently, I wrote about an environment Canada scientist who was cautioned by the federal government not to promote his novel about global warming.

Well I'm happy to hear that the Conservative government's gag order has backfired. Demand for the book has been so great that DreamCatcher Publishing has already ordered a second printing of Dr. Mark Tushingham's book, Hotter Than Hell.

The novel is about global warming in the near future, which has turned much of the United States into a desert, and results in mass violence and a dispute between the Canadian and U.S. governments about Canada's fresh water supply. Click on the picture to read more.

Tushingham hasn't yet spoken publicly about the controversy, but his editor is enraged, telling the CBC,

"It's absurd. It's like the kind of thing that happens in dictatorial countries where freedom of thought doesn't exist, freedom of speech doesn't exist, freedom of expression doesn't exist."

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  1. Yeah stopping someone from speaking about such a topic is a bit dictatorial. It's wasn't like the book would be offencive to the public, like a title, "A Pedaphiles Guide". But the publicity and sales put a smile on the writer's face for sure.