I just got an email saying that an online comment I posted in response to an Ottawa Xpress article about celebrity seal hunt protesters was selected to be published in the print version of the magazine.

Neat! :)


  1. Very neat, Skylarkd. Let us know when, where, and show us the text!

  2. Awesome, being in print is neat. I was first published either by eBay, or an auction newsletter in the UK. Although I think I was in a photo in the Leader Post from Regina in Kindergarten.

  3. Whoops, sorry for the delay!

    My comments are pretty much the same as I've voiced here on my blog, particularly in the 'Save the Baby Veal' post. But the Xpress article, and all online comments can be found here:

    I'm not sure about the print version. In order to see it in print, I'll have to stop by the UNB library to see if they have (or can get) a copy.