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A.K.A. Memorial University no longer "of Newfoundland", Part IV

Just came across this petition this weekend. There aren't many names yet, so pass it around!
(Javascript won't work, so click on the image to go to the petition)

The list of related posts/articles was last updated on Friday.

Here's a link to MUN's 2006-2007 university calendar, with the new branding.

Also check out the online Research Report, with the new branding. I found this link on the survey's info page. I actually kind of like the colour scheme, but find it unsettling that while the Government of NL is mentioned, the university is just called "Memorial University" - no Newfoundland.

The MUN logo change is now a Hot Topic for discussion over at Newfoundlanders Abroad.


  1. That calendar cover is nauseating.

  2. I signed the petition although it's always been my opinion that the only thing more useless and ignored than a written petition is an online one. What the hell, small steps.

    Btw, I'm curious about this, is University Releations all over your blog? I mean, by my statcounter I have about four different UR people visiting and they're swinging by multiple times a day. I'm swaying between finding it vastly amusing and quite creepy.

  3. I tend to be of the same opinion about petitions, but I figured it only took 30 seconds to sign, and a minute to upload here, so what the hell!

    And yes, I'm getting tons of hits from MUN several times a day too. Hopefully I'm not on some kind of hit list, because I know they know who I am! ;)