From Canada to Kandahar

The blog Farfromcanadahar is written by a member of the Provincial Reconstruction Team in Kandahar, Afghanistan. According to the 'About the Author', "the PRT is a joint military/civilian organization whose job is to promote security, good governance, and reconstruction throughout the province."

While soldiers can't disclose many of their day to day activities, Dave does a good job of describing the complexities of the region and the efforts of the soldiers in Afghanistan. There are so many good posts on this blog, and I encourage you to read them to hear, first-hand, some of what goes on "over there". A particularly good entry is "Pencils and other Implements of Destruction".

On a related note, you can write the troops to let them know you appreciate their service. Regardless of how people feel about war, most of us appreciate the sacrifice that the military and their families make.

Here's some more information from Canadian Heroes, posted a while back by Saskboy:

"Soldiers constantly tell us that letters from anonymous people who show appreciation are a terrific boost to moral. I read a story of one trooper in the first Gulf War who did not have any family to write him. He received a letter from an anonymous school girl. He said that that one letter sustained him, that he read it daily again and again. He said that by the time he came home it was crumpled and soiled from being read so much.

Let’s challenge our readers to go to the Canadian Forces site to communicate their support to our men and women, especially now that things are heating up in Afghanistan.
The link is:
People can either leave a message or actually send a letter to any soldier. Instructions and guidelines are on the site.

Thanks for your help. Let’s make a difference.
Debris Trail"

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