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Ahhh... it was a lovely weekend here, filled with sunshine, time with friends, good food, and lots of time outdoors. Hubby & I spent the entire day gardening yesterday, and I haven't slept so soundly in a long time! Our gardens are looking really good now, and our neighbors are starting to think that we're not really the hermit couple after all.

A particularly unpleasant appointment this week has been postponed too, so even though it's probably prolonging the inevitable, it feels good not to have to worry about it this week (I know, that's rather cryptic, but I'll explain another time).

I didn't watch the news or turn on the computer this weekend, so I was surprised to hear that two PEI farms have been quarantined for bird flu investigations. Eeep, that's close to home. Hubby's family lives in PEI and I work for a company based in Charlottetown.

We saw X-Men: The Last Stand on Thursday, and while it wasn't the best of the series, I enjoyed it.

On the Memorial University of Newfoundland front, the petition to keep Newfoundland in MUN's logo now has 554 signatures. The MUN Senate meeting on Thursday included discussion about the new marketing campaign, and many of the student senators were vocal during question period, taking issue with the removal of Newfoundland from the logo.

I added a couple more posts in the list of commentary about the new MUN logo (scroll down to the end of the post).

And just out of curiosity, last week I put together this collage of university logos (click to enlarge).

*Disclaimer: This is not a complete representation of Canadian university logos, and I can't guarantee that I haven't made a mistake and included an unofficial logo. For instance, I included 2 UofT logos, because I suspect the blue & red one is their most current. The logos are all different sizes, and are listed in no particular order.

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  1. Now, that collage is helpful in sizing up how it MUN compares to others. Great idea.

    Wow, look at those crazy universities with place names in the title. But wouldn't that let people know where the university is? No need for such foolishness for MUN, er, MU.

  2. Brock's looks like the logo for a packaged cake mix.