Memorial University no longer of Newfoundland, Part V

The petition to keep Newfoundland in MUN's logo has 76 signatures (as of 11:20am Atlantic time).

The list of articles about the logo change is still growing...

Sure B'y posted a link to MUN's description of the symbolism of the crest/coat of arms on the university's current/old logo:

"The Arms of Memorial University have as their central element a cross moline, which is a fitting symbol for an institution dedicated to the memory of soldiers of Newfoundland who died during the Great Wars. The cross is the supreme symbol of sacrifice and its anchor-shaped ends signify the hope that springs from devotion to a good cause. The wavy bars above and below allude to the maritime setting of the university, while the three books in the upper part of the shield are a reference to its educational role.

The motto Provehito in Altum (Launch forth into the deep) captures the spirit of the adventure of learning and urges students to extend the frontiers of knowledge.

Claret and white, derived from the cross of St. George, were the colors of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment during the First World War. Red is a symbol of courage and sacrifice, white is the colour of purity, and gold is associated with nobleness and magnanimity. While paying tribute to the bravery of the soldiers of Newfoundland, these colors remind all that courage tempered with mercy can be enlisted in the service of pure and noble causes."

(Excerpted from the program of the Ceremony for the Presentation of the Coat of Arms to Memorial University of Newfoundland. Friday, September 18, 1992)

Now, this is only somewhat related, but I thought I'd share:

I liked this comment on the blog The Book Mine Set. To give you some background, John Mutford posted a review of the book 'Souvenir of Canada' by Douglas Coupland, and readers commented on their views of the book's characterization of the provinces. John mentioned the existence of his personal Newfoundland bias while he was reading the book, but mused, "I really don't know if Newfoundlanders and Labradorians deserve the self-proclaimed "unique" title. Certainly our culture is different than that of Alberta, but isn't Nunavut's? Quebec's? Saskatchewan's?" To this, a reader responded:

Being from Ontario, I can comment on your "bias".

Of course each province has a culture of their own, but I have never met a people more proud of their province than Newfoundlanders. When I've been around the country, I don't tell people I'm from ON. I tell them I'm from Ottawa (which may be the difference in living in a recognizable city!) There is a connection that you (meaning Newfies) have with your "land" that goes beyond regular provicial loyalty. Having visited there as a mainlander, I can see why. It's very easy to fall in love with Newfoundland.

This is part of the reason I feel so strongly that Newfoundland should be kept in the Memorial University of Newfoundland's logo.

If you're wondering what the heck the controversy around the new MUN logo is all about, read the summary at the begining of the petition, and the articles here.

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