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Re: religion, terrorism and promoting hatred:

"It is sad to hear interviews with Muslims, wherein they are forced to defend an entire religion, because of the actions of a few radicals. Christians aren't forced to apologize for Pat Robertson or Jerry Falwell, who regularly broadcast intolerance and hate."

(via Far and Wide)
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  1. Your logic is a flawed as those muslims that accuse the MSM of being racist.

    Christian leaders and their followers are not known to hatch and execute terror strikes against non-believers. Only Islam commands in the Qu'ran to kill non-believers or force them to live under Islamic servitude as a Dhimmi. Want proof? Follow the situation in Thailand where Muslims have killed over 1200 people in the past two years. In the first six months of this year, there have been 24 beheadings.

    Methinks, you might wish to add Jihadwatch.org to your daily reading list.

    Ignornace ain't bliss anymore, serenity is bliss.


  2. Not all Muslims want to kill non-Muslims, or force them into servitude.

    Nothing is black or white, and the quote is meant to highlight that by saying that that those who are of a certain belief shouldn't be forced to defend everything that others say and do in the name of their religion.

    Muslims shouldn't have to defend themselves because of extremists, just as Christians shouldn't have to defend themselves because of extremists like Brent & Shirley Roper.


  3. anon

    Didn't Robertson advocate killing Venezuela's Chavez, among others?

  4. Amen, steve v.

    And hi SkylarkD. Just thought I'd pop in.

  5. Thank you for posting such an excellent choice of quotes. It’s bound to bring out the forgetful Christian fundamentalists, who have subjugated women, children and the poverty stricken in the name of Jesus; enslaved non-European "coloured" people all over the world in the name of Jesus; colonized whole continents, while oppressing their aboriginal habitants in the name of Jesus; and head taxed, interred and/or outright refused immigration to Indian and Asian people in the name of Jesus. This is not to mention their relocating and shielding of both catholic and protestant child molesters from the long arm of the law in the name of Jesus. Moreover, these fools don’t even know that the correct pronunciation of the name is “hay-zeus” and not “gee-sus”. Hopefully the less fearful, less mean spirited and more intelligent among us can save our planet from being destroyed by book pounding racist fundamentalists of all faiths. For, make no mistake about it, they are the true terrorists.

  6. I think Christians are forced to apologize for nimrods like Robertson and Falwell.

  7. Hmmm... I think Anselm should check out a newspaper. Christians don't have to hatch terrorist plots like those in the media lately.

    We can actually wholesale INVADE the places where Muslims live. The West (us and the yanks) have military bases in almost all Muslim countries now, and we certainly don't shy away from attacking their populations when it suits our whim/interest.

    I don't think Canadians who are Muslim have a justification to use violence (or anyone for that matter) against others, but I certainly think they have a right to be very angry, especially given our invasion of Afghanistan....

    My worry is that those Muslims who want to be critical of Canada's foreign policy will feel that they must remain silent in order to prove that they are "real" (white/christian) Canadians. This would mean our brand of terrorism in the mideast will go on for quite a while....