Oh baby, where to shop?!

This whole 'becoming a mom' thing is really fun. The anticipation, the decorating, the shopping...

Living in Fredericton (a small Canadian city, for those of you not familiar with it), presents its own problems for baby shopping, though. I've looked in Sears, Zellers, Wal-Mart and Toys R Us, and quite frankly, I'm sick of pastel. Not that there's anything wrong with pastel, but does every baby sleeper have to be in pastel colours with cutesy animals on it? Not that I have a problem with cutesy animals, either, but come on, a little variety would be nice.

There are a couple of cool stores in Fredericton that sell unusual baby stuff: A Room to Remember, Urban Almanac, and the toy store Think Play. But beyond that, it's pretty tough.

I've been doing a lot of Internet searching, and while there are hundreds of cool online baby stores in the U.S., I've been dinged with a lot of duty by Canada Post before, and I don't do online shopping from the U.S. anymore.

But... I've finally found a decent amount of Canadian online stores that sell hip baby/children's gear. So in case there are other parents in the same predicament (or if there's anyone wondering what style of baby things I like, hint hint), check out these great stores!

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  1. I'm honestly surprised that Fredericton doesn't have at least one Thyme Maternity or Motherhood Maternity (the two biggest maternity chains, both offering a good deal of non-pastel stuff).

  2. What a great list of resources. Thanks. I just moved down here from Ottawa so I'm in a sort of retail shock. I have a six month old and I'm set for now but in the next few years...I'm going to need this stuff.
    My actual blog is http://lala.totsgo.com

  3. Sadly, no! Moncton has both, but it'a a 1 1/2 hour drive away, and I haven't been able to make a trip out there yet.

    I went to Old Navy in Charlottetown in August, and I was in Ottawa for meetings this week, and bought a pile of maternity clothes at Motherhood - I figured I should stock up! ;)

  4. Hi lala; nice to 'meet' you! :)

    I can understand the retail shock - Hubby & I lived in Vancouver for a year before moving here - big difference!