Gotta love the snarky comments

So the pageant moms have come out swinging.

A month after I posted about child beauty pageants, I've had a ton of visits to the post, several... um... interesting comments, and lots of visits to my personal website.

Sorry folks, I still don't buy the argument that the wigs, fake teeth and spray-on tans that some toddlers wear in pageants are like equipment for sports.

The photos, along with dozens more, were on the Total Nockouts website until the discussion on Suburban Turmoil got too hot to handle (link, link, link, link and link). I'm hardly exploiting those kids by posting their public glamour shots on my blog (with limited readership, I might add) to make a point about letting children be children.

Of course most of the girls will say that they like pageants. A 4 year old child just wants to make their parents happy, even if it means smiling on cue and wearing a wig and makeup (but it's worth noting that there are also ones who cry and don't want to perform on stage).

So many girls have body image and self esteem issues. In my opinion, girls in our society are sexualized way too young, and I don't think child pageants help the problem.

Charming Belles

National winners (some of them are so young that they have to be held by their mothers in the group photo!)

Part 1 of the documentary Living Dolls:

(Link - in case the player doesn't work for you)


  1. Some of these parents have gotten these children to look downright ghoulish...It's disturbing, but I guess that's what happens when a parent wants to live out their dreams thru their kid...Sad.

  2. Hi there,

    I'm 17 years old. I am an actress,film maker, and pageant queen. I have been in pageants sence I was nine years old and love ever miniute of it. I do wear all the make-up, I do the tanning, I wear false eye lashes (I don't have a flipper or fake-hair. My hair is kind-of like Herimone Granger's lol!) and I am not skinny(I have never been and I don't intent to.)

    I don't feel that pageants are bad. They have givin me more self confendence, friends, and great memories with my mom. In the pageants that I do, the moms are very nice. They help each other out. There have been times when one mom is doing one girls hair and a mom is zipping up the girls dress. The girls love doing this. I have seen when a girl dosen't want to do the pageant that day(all kids don't want to do something once in a while) and the mom says "Ok you don't have to."
    I have never seen a little girl in pageants with a padded bra. That is so not cool in my pageant world.

    I know the world doesn't have a very nice view of pageants but please take it from me, not all pageant mom are psyco's(There are psyco parents in every sport. There are parents in soccer, football, hockey, etc that have killed each other. I have never heard of a pageant mom killing another parent), the girls really do want to do this(they think they are playing Princess half the time!) and I do think that people should try one first before they totally make there minds up about it.

    Thank you for listening.

  3. Pageantbaby, thank you for your opinion on this. It's nice to hear someone speak on this issue who doesn't resort to personal insults and threats.

    I think it's wonderful that your pageant experience has been so good. While I can't say that I'm a fan of pageants, I can see that some girls benefit from their experience. It's the toddler pageants in particular that dismay me, because the children are so young. At least pre-teens and teens have a stronger sense of self by the time they enter pageants.

    Thanks for sharing your viewpoint. :)

  4. Hi again! :-)

    I'm glad you liked my post. I do feel that the little girls in pageants like it. Like I have stated before, they think that they are playing Princess. I have seen little pageants girls run around in there dresses,color, eat, etc. I have have seen little girls who said that they didn't want to do it that day and their mom didn't make then. Even if they don't win, they are still happy because in the pageant that I do, the girls get a lot of toys and awards reguardless.

    To be fair, yes I have seen some moms make there kids do this, but it is a VERY small percent of pageant moms. I have seen parents make their kids play football,soccer,etc. There are pushie parents in everything. I have seen coaches drop students because they felt that the mom was getting a little bit wild. But again, it's a very small percent.

    Thanks for listening. Peace out!

  5. I am a fan of crazy sites, and one of my favorites is one for kiddie pageant moms-- they call it the pink bash board, they have these frighting and hilarious poorly spelled fights about who's child is prettier, they defend actions as bizarre as having a 2 year old bump and grind to 'if the house is a rockin'. I have been reading this site for over a year, and I can tell you there is a LOT of stuff about your blog on there. They ALL say that their daughters are honor students and that they are wealthy, Its not true, from what I have gleaned from their fights, most of these women are poorly educated and know nothing about female empowerment. They are in some kind of bizarre sexual competition with each other using their poor daughters as pawns. Occasionally one will break down and admit the family car was repo'd because they spent the money on pageants. They seem to think that their daughters will become stars or supermodels, and are totally in competition with every other woman on the planet. it's sad really, but I do find it facinating! Here is the link to the pink pageant 'bash' board, one of the hot topics is your blog. It completely amazes me that they accuse anyone who tries to be a voice of reason of having an ugly child. so sick and so sad. Your blog turned over a rock and these pageant moms are running out like roaches, LOL well done. Link is below.

  6. Mole - lol thanks, but I'd rather not read any more than the insults that are coming into my blog comment moderation page.

    I agree that the logic behind many of the arguments is twisted. How can you adequately convince people that pageants teach children about friendship and self esteem if you accuse anyone who disagrees of being ugly? That's not a very sportsmanlike quality. The previous poster, pageantbaby14, stated her point of view much more reasonably.

    I'm tired of it. Time to move on people!

  7. Most of the pageant moms that have been responding to your (very mild, in my opinion) article, and the ones over at Suburban Turmoil sound like nutjobs. Pretty vicious comments. I can only imagine what the deleted comments say!!!

    That video is really unsettling, and so were the pictures you posted. I think it's disturbing to dress up 5 year olds like they're 30-year old drag queens.