New Music

Sarah McLachlan's new Christmas album, Wintersong, is available on eMusic.

I've written about eMusic a couple of times before, but here's the summary:

It's a music subscription service, similar to PureTracks or iTunes, but much cheaper, and you get MP3s unhindered by restrictions on how you can use them. I'm signed up for a package where I get 40 songs a month for $9.99 ($0.25 each), and I never have any trouble finding 40 to download. In fact, my 'Save for later' list has about 30 CDs I still want to download tracks from!

They cover all genres, from classical to punk, children's music to country. You can try it out and get 25 free downloads (and no, I don't make any money for promoting it, I just think it's a great site, and I've discovered some great music through it).

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