Yes, I know, I've been ignoring my poor blog recently. It's like the spring blogging lull that everyone was talking about, but worse! I haven't felt like blogging much lately because I've been feeling under the weather, largely because of the hot weather, I think! I'd never survive in Ontario anymore. It's bad enough here in Fredericton - today it's 30 degrees, but with the humidex it feels like 40! Throw in no air conditioning, and that makes me one fitful sleeper!

And I must confess, I've been cheating... The new love of my life is Mr. Freezie. That and ice cream are the only things keeping me cool lately, because ice cubes seem to melt about 3.5 minutes after I plunk them in my water glass!

Okay, enough of bitching about the weather; I'll be praying for the heat when -40 degrees comes around in February! I'll be back when I have something substantial to report!


  1. I have an idea. Get a bunch of big rocks, and paint them black. Put them out in the sun and then cover them until Winter, and presto, you'll have a warm Winter day.