McDonalds: a responsible corporation (kinda, sorta, except when they can make money otherwise)

Looks like someone at McDonald's goofed. While Mickey D's has launched a corporate responsibility blog (ha! that's a laugh!), another department at the company has decided that toy Hummers are a good Happy Meal toy. Great plan. Get the kids turned onto gas guzzling vehicles while they're young!

According to the New York Times:

"...with gas prices hovering at $3 a gallon and threatening to go higher, sales of Hummers are declining as Americans become increasingly conscious of gas mileage. McDonald’s, however, appears not to have gotten the message. This week, the restaurant chain started putting toy Hummers in children’s Happy Meal boxes, calling it the “Hummer of a Summer” promotion."
The Hummer toys are in the 'boy' Happy Meals, while girls can choose a Polly Pocket fashion doll. Glad to see that along with promoting environmentalism, McDonald's is fighting traditional gender stereotypes.

Update: Create your own billboard at Ronald McHummer

(via green LA girl)


  1. It would be cheaper to make smaller Smart car toys too - less plastic ;-)

  2. I've had issues for years with McDonald's gender stereotyping of toys. My 4 1/2 year old son asked for the Polly Pocket with his happy meal recently and they second guessed him, and asked him if he'd rather have a happy meal. He very adamantly said no. As to the hummers, I'm baffled because while sales may down, I've seen more hummers in Fredericton and elsewhere in NB this year than ever before. I can only imagine what it must cost to fill one with gas.

  3. Very interesting, but never surprising with the brotherhood of big corporations. McDonalds follows the proud tradition of corporate irresponsibility when it comes fresh air, water, and human health. It is so sickening.

  4. I despise those Hummer toys, as well as being asked "boy or girl?" on the Happy Meal. I'll have to check out the "corporate responsibility" blog, har har.