Canadian shorts

No, I don't mean shorts as in clothing, although I'm really wishing I wore shorts today - it's soooo humid!!

BoingBoing recently posted a link to the National Film Board, which is showing some of its classic short films online. My personal favourite: The Sweater. Too bad they don't have The Logdriver though; I used to love that one when I was little!

For he goes whirling down and down the white water
That's where the Logdriver learns to step lightly
Yes whirling down and down the white water
Logdriver's waltz pleases girls completely


  1. They played that one lots on Saturday morning CBC or was it Global? Yeah Global, cause it was always fuzzy when I saw it.

    There's a NFB movie about the elevator remaining in my hometown. It's called The Elevator. There's another about Sitting Bull too, with Wood Mountain scenery.

  2. I LOVE the Logdriver's Waltz! My very fave!
    Other old faves are Blackfly and George and Rosemary! *sigh*
    Those sure take me back :)