Wedding Season

The weddings, weddings, oh, the weddings!!

Yes, summer is definitely here. I've been on vacation for the past little while, and things have been crazy-busy since I've been back. Everyone seems to be getting married, so my time is filled with weddings, showers, receptions and visitors. A high school friend got married, some friends who got married in Mexico are having a reception this weekend, and my brother got married! Add to that the fact that we've had houseguests almost every weekend that we've been home, and that makes me and Hubby one very tired couple! But the happy occasions are worth the lack of sleep. :)

Congratulations big brother!!


  1. Ah, you're at the wedding stage. next will come the flood of babies. Not quite as expensive, but definitely time-consuming (not to mention decision-provoking)!

    Haven't been to a wedding in almost three years..... Must be getting old!

  2. Your a lawyer that went to UNB, was one of them Will Milner? His father and grandparents grew up in my hometown and my mom went to his fiancee's wedding shower. I always float this stuff out there because I realize how small a world it is, especially after running into people from NB in Europe and Asia. Don't worry, i'm not as bad as those Americans who ask if you know such and such a person in Canada, like it a twon ot someting. lol

    Anyway, that is all. Carry on as you were.

  3. Vicky - only a few babies so far, but given all the weddings in the past couple of years, there should be a lot more on the way soon!

    Scott - Sorry, I don't know Will Milner. It's always worth asking though, because you're right, it's amazing the connections you discover sometimes!