She's a portrait!

Wow, only a year and a half, and Claire has already had her portrait painted!

This was a surprise - I sent Mom a picture of Claire splashing in the puddles this spring, and she loved it so much that she had her niece-in-law paint it!

Check out more of her work here: Angela's Art.


  1. i have the same template on one of my blogs but i have a problem with the backround link...(i U did)
    how didi U fixed it?
    can U tell me the link as a reply here??
    i would B grateful


  2. Hi Tom,

    The woman who I got the image from is using a different version of the template, with all of the images intact.

    The link for the background image is:
    Even though the image didn't work when I pasted the URL into my browser's address bar, it works in my template, so try just adding it to yours.

    Unfortunately I ran into a hitch, because when I cut & pasted the link, the background didn't line up with the border of my header. So if that happens to you too, download the entire template here:

    Good luck!

  3. problem solved, thanks 4 Ur time!