Technical difficulties

Excuse me while I try to find the missing background of my blog (so you can read the white title again)!

Update: Okay, green title for now, while I try to track down the missing image. Everyone using a version this blog template is having the same problem.


  1. Lol :) Thanks for popping by Notes From the Cookie Jar and adding me to your blog roll!

    The missing image is driving me nuts too-it's been that way for a few days and I've already started looking at alternate templates, but I just like that one so much! Ps..your header picture is adorable :)

  2. I also wanted to did you get your labels/categories in your sidebar single spaced? I can't seem to figure that out. :P

  3. Thanks, that's a picture of my little girl this past fall. I call it "pondering". ;)

    I had a look, and to get the sidebar single spaced, I changed the px padding to "2" in the section below. Play that and see if it works for you!

    #sidebar ul li{
    padding: 2px;
    font-family: Arial, sans-seriff;

    By the way, I found a blog using the template that still has the background image, but I can't seem to copy it. I posted a message to ask if she'd email me the image.

    Here's hoping!

  4. Thanks! I found it and it worked :)

    Your blog looks great-thanks so much for letting me know when you found the background!

    I added you to my blog roll :)

  5. You're welcome, and thanks for the link! :)