In honour of Earth Day

To commemorate Earth Day, here's a 'green' roundup!

  • Sign the petition to urge Clorox (the makers of the Brita water pitcher) to make their plastic filters recyclable, reusable, or to create a take-back program.

  • For those of you who complain that your Klean Kanteen water bottle is too cold, check out Yvette's crocheted Klean Kanteen cosy/cover. I've bought yarn and needles, and plan to try it! (This is very ambitious for me. I bought two balls of yarn, because of the inevitable disaster that will happen to the first!) I also bought a neoprene bottle cooler, pulled out the stitching and folded it so that it fits on C's Klean Kanteen sippy cup. Functional, but not as pretty as the crocheted cover!

  • Here's a cute little book for kids called Michael Recycle, which I read reviews of on the blogs Fake Plastic Fish, and Nature Moms.
  • The Green Parent (and my non-affiliated pharmacist hubby) would like to remind you to bring your expired medication to your pharmacy to have it safely disposed of. You should be able to do this at any pharmacy, with prescription and over-the-counter medication. Reduce the amount of meds showing up in our water supply!
And check out Treehugger for a ton of interesting articles!


  1. Love the Klean Kanteen Kozy. Just left her a message asking if she has a pattern for the adult size.

    Thanks for linking to the Take Back The Filter petition! We need all the signatures we can get!

  2. Good tip about the pill disposal, I wasn't sure of the proper method.

    I just unloaded about 4 (prematurely) dead CFLights at Home Depot's bin. They have a $10 rebate form on the bin for people buying more than $30 of Phillips CFL bulbs before June. The bin was full, and is popular according to a store clerk.

  3. After having a pricey round bathroom CFL die, we try to remember to keep the receipts. Canadian Tire replaced it for us!

  4. Fake plastic fish - Please let me know if she has an adult size Klean Kanteen cosy!

  5. Love the blog! Thought you might be interested in this:

    Thought you might be interested to know that BP was given permission to start drilling the BC rockies JUST 3 DAYS after the Gulf disaster started.