Crafty goodness...

I still haven't gotten around to trying to crochet a Klean Kanteen cosy, but I found a bunch of neat (free!) patterns for different types of crafts on Craft Magazine's pattern podcasts.

Some favourites: Baby booties, Spiderweb skirt, 'Maddy' top, and this awesome 'Zoe' dress!

Seriously, I may never be able to make these (I don't even have a sewing machine!), but a girl can dream!


  1. ... I think I need to make that dress! SO CUTE! Bernat and Lion Brand yarn have free knitting and crochet patterns too. You have to register, but it's free and they never harass you with junk mail. Thanks for the links!

  2. Do you know how to sew? Can you teach me sometime?! :)

  3. YES! I'm not an expert, but I can do basic patterns! Hmm, I'm formulating a plan, I'll email you about it ;)