Happiness poll finds bliss in New Brunswick

Woo hoo, good place to live!

Is this why I'm so happy lately?

Maybe, but it probably has more to do with my wonderful husband, a baby on the way, and the Christmas spirit (yeah, yeah, you Grinches out there, I am sickeningly happy!). Now, if only I could finish this report for work and didn't throw my back out lifting strollers in Toys R Us last night, things would be perfect! lol


  1. Well! Congrats on the baby, xmas spirit and general satisfaction with life. Where is New Brunswick? Is it cold there?

  2. Thanks! :)

    New Brunswick is a province in eastern Canada, right above Maine. Today we're having our first (substantial) snowfall! The dustings we've had already don't count to me - it's not a real snowfall if you can see more grass than snow! ;)


  3. Nice that you can still be enthusiastic about the snowfall.

    My california-grown brother (transplanted to Ann Arbor, Michigan) is already sick of it.

    When I went there for Thanksgiving, though, I ran around in the snow like a six-year-old, high on life. The fat flakes were amazing.

    (yes, snowflakes are still miraculous when we're at war.) :)