The Christmas... elephant?

We made up tins of Christmas baking for friends and family this year, which were very well received. They seemed to enjoy the treats, but my sugar cookies caused some raised eyebrows.

See, the thing is... I don't have any Christmas cookie cutters. I thought I did, but after I rolled out the dough, I realized - nope! So I made cookies in the shape of hands, feet, maple leaves and elephants. Hubby's cousin's son (follow that?) asked "Mommy, why do these cookie look like feet?"

So I imagine next year I'll get more Christmas cookie cutters than I know what to do with. I saw these cookie cutters at Weary Parent, and, in keeping with the 'unconventional cookie' theme, I'm tempted to buy them!

Might still raise a lot of questions from the kids though.


  1. I need those!!