Shopping for the baby

Hubby and I went to Winners last night to check out the baby section, and I was pleasantly surprised with the selection there - Winners has cool kids' stuff! I only bought a couple of board books and a baby mobile ($15!), but I saw a lot of things that I'd like to get for the baby.

I really liked the selection of infantino toys. I'm not a fan of noisy toys (generally, I'm of the opinion that if it needs batteries, don't buy it), and it frustrates me that almost everything in the toy stores these days makes noise, and doesn't have a volume control. Anyways, there were some really cute (non-noisy) infantino toys at Winners, and even more neat things on thieir website! I really like a lot of the Discovery Toys products too. Their website isn't great, but they have a lot of neat developmental toys.

But I just can't handle Tickle-Me-Elmo!! This is my version of hell.

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  1. Always make sure your noisy device has an on-off switch--way more important than volume control. Off is much better than turned down.

  2. Love the Infantino stuff - I'd never heard of it before - great to sister is due the end of January! :)

  3. My sil sold Discovery Toys and their products are great. Get a catalog, it's more user-friendly than the website.

  4. Winners is a fabulous place to get stuff for the kids. I hit there every xmas, especially for the books. You can find high quality eyewitness books (non fiction books about cool stuff for kids) for approx $5.00 and see the same book up at Chapters for $25.00

  5. Tina - yes, off is definitely better than low; and no noise at all is even better than that! ;)

    lld - Have fun baby shopping!

    Aisby - I had a catalogue once, but I'll have to contact them to get a recent one.

    Lisa - Another great place for cheap books (Kids and adults) is

    I've ordered stuff from them 3 times this year. I've found tons of great books for over 50% off the publisher's price; some as low as $0.99! Their prices are in $U.S., but they ship from Ontario, so there's no duty.