More about breastfeeding on planes... "a lot of these nursers are fat"

Last week, I wrote about my frustration with the anti-nursing crowd; people who think its disgusting and inappropriate for women to breastfeed in public, and the folks who got streamed up over this Baby Talk magazine cover.

Well, hold onto your hats people, check out the comments after this Nashville Scene blog post, where you'll see some real gems, including comments like:

"I certainly don't [want] anyone nursing their baby next to me. Anyway a lot of these nursers are fat. Decency should trump the need to travel by air and, IMHO, let them drive the van to wherever they are going."
"These 'nurse in' women should stay home and nurse; not run the streets protesting, flying all over the country and talking about their boobs."

Ahh... what an enlightened world we live in.

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  1. Oh man! Are there REALLY comments like that over there? I'm at a loss for words. I blogged about a similar thing that happened in a Fred Meyers grocery store last spring. I was shocked that people will get worked up over a breast doing it's job but they don't think twice about half-naked bimbos on TV using their boobs to sell beer on Monday Night Football.

    So stupid...

  2. What would they rather have? A blonde bombshell nursing next to them so that they can infuse their own little switcheroo fantasy with the infant?

    So pathetic.

  3. I know, aren't these people crazy?!

    I sympathize with people not quite knowing where to look or how to act the first couple of times they see a breastfeeding Mom, but come on, it's not that hard to look away if you're uncomfortable. It's what women's breasts were made for, and needn't be something to be ashamed of.

    As for the whole fat comment... those are the people you just want to give a good swift kick.

  4. Someone should do a spoof using a burka - sad as it is, at least a woman wearing a burka is allowed out of the house as long as she looks like a piece of walking furniture. American women needing to breastfeed are supposed to stay in the home all the time. For a healthy child you're looking at 2 years of house arrest.