How low can they go? PETA's character assassination of the late Steve Irwin


I know not all PETA members are crazy or hateful, but I really wonder about some of the people at the head of the organization.

PETA's latest headline grab is attacking the character of the 'Crocodile Hunter', Steve Irwin, who died just over a week ago.

It's just sick to attack the man's grieving family and friends by branding the man as a "cheap reality TV star" who "made his career out of antagonising frightened wild animals".

Even more disturbing though, are the spoof videos and game versions of Irwin's death that are apparently making the rounds on the Internet. Disgusting that someone would spend their time making something like that.

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  1. On a human level it's hard to believe that people would create video entertainment out of his death. As for PETA, while their attitude is disgusting, it seems typical from some of the extremist animal rights groups. Hopefully it will damage their own image, so that more people can get an idea of the type of people they send their money to.