Crafty and kitchen-y

We're getting C a play kitchen for her birthday next month, and I've been stocking it with food and accessories. We're pretty much set, as I've been picking up odds and ends, some great Plan Toys food sets, and making felt food for her to play with. I usually get a blank look when I say that, so here's a picture of a few (mostly) finished pieces (the lettuce and cucumber still need some stitching). I have ideas for a lot more - click here or here to see some of my inspiration. I'll post some pictures when I'm all done! It's been fun to have something creative to work on again, and a deadline to ensure that I don't put it off to get something more substantial done, like the never ending housework!

We ordered the kitchen through a US store because we couldn't find it in Canada - and it was a fantastic price! It sounds a little crazy, but because shipping + duty to Canada is outrageous through the stores we looked at, we're bringing it back as a piece of luggage on our trip back from the States. The box is apparently 51lbs, so we plan to put a few of the smaller pieces in our other bags, so we're under the 50lb limit. It's a quarter of an inch longer than the limit, so here's hoping Air Canada won't ding us for a quarter of an inch! Even if they do, the extra bag fee would be cheaper than shipping and duty to Canada, so it's a gamble we're willing to take. Cross your fingers! It's the perfect size to fit in a nook in our kitchen, and we wanted something that was made of wood and not pink or rainbow! I love the retro style of this one.

It's hard to believe C will be 2 years old in less than a month!


  1. That's really cute! I bet she'll enjoy that :) Enjoy your trip to Florida!