My life in points:

I've been out of the loop lately, so here's an update on life in my little corner of the world! I'll have something more profound to share at another time!

  • Spring is here, and I can feel summer in the air. Claire and I spend a lot of time outdoors, running in the grass and picking dandelions. And her nose is healing after a tumble on the sidewalk!
  • Nan's funeral was sad, but really beautiful at the same time. There were a lot of songs, tributes and messages, and even a video of her singing last summer. She would have liked it. I'm going to miss her!
  • More job reassignment at work! I'm sticking with "consultant" on my business card - I've had so many changes in job title already!
  • I love love love my DVD recorder!
  • I bought myself a sewing machine, and made a bunch of cloth napkins (we try not to use paper napkins anymore), and a pair of legwarmers for Claire. So easy! (or sew easy, if you want to be really corny!)


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