Parenthood fun to look forward to...


  1. Funny!

    Check this one out too...

    Calvin and Hobbes Cartoon

  2. Ha ha ha - funny!

  3. scary than funny


  4. Speaking of parenthood, skylarkd, is there any news?

  5. Hope everything is going well and that you have a chance to update us soon.

  6. LOL too funny! I just walked upstairs to find my five-year old happily coloring on the floor and hands. Then she looks at me and says, "mommy, you don't see this . . . okay?" as if she can magically keep me from seeing this so she doesn't get in trouble! LOL

  7. Toss out the "what to expect..." series.

    Memorize Calvin. My two followed it like a script.

  8. ed > funny, and scary! ;)

    cinderella > that's hilarious! They learn so young!!